Yo-257 shipwreck scuba diving Hawaii, located off of Oahu - scuba diving Honolulu on the YO-257 wreck in Oahu.

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Yo-257 Shipwreck Scuba Hawaii

Scuba diving in Hawaii wouldn't be the same unless you scuba dive on the Oahu shipwreck YO-257 Hawaii shipwreck scuba diving. The YO-257 is a beautiful shipwreck located off of Oahu; situated just slightly west of Diamond, south west of Waikiki about 1.5 miles out. The YO-257 shipwreck of Oahu is an advanced scuba diving location that is both challenging and very fun. Feel free to browse this page dedicated to the YO-257 shipwreck. 

Scuba Diving in Hawaii

Yo-257 Wreck of Hawaii

The Yo-257 shipwreck scuba dive is available 7 days a week. The best times for this fantastic Oahu scuba dive is in the early morning when the winds are light and currents not so strong. Due to its location just off of Diamond Head State Park the Yo-257 shipwreck can sometimes have strong currents thus making this Hawaii scuba dive Oahu's top 5 advanced scuba dives.

yo-257 oahu shipwreck scuba diving

Yo-257 Oahu Scuba Diving Shipwreck

Join us for Hawaii shipwreck scuba diving everyday. We depart from the Kewalo Boat Basin located just 5 minutes west of Waikiki.

Yo-257  Scuba Diving Slates

yo-257 scuba diving slate

We have some cool scuba diving slates of the Yo-257 shipwreck. Click here - Yo-257 scuba diving slates.


yo-257 shipwreck of hawaii

Scuba diving the Yo-257 shipwreck of Hawaii, advanced scuba diving here in Honolulu.

The Yo-257 shipwreck scuba dive is located off the island of Oahu on the south shore side.