YO-257 ship wreck scuba diving location Hawaii, located off of Oahu - wreck diving Honolulu Hawaii.


The Story of the Yo-257 Ship now sunk in Hawaii

Welcome to the only website dedicated to the YO-257 ship wreck located off the southern coast of Oahu. This website for the YO-257 ship will try to give you a personal account of what her duties, the missions she undertook and an idea of what it was like working on the YO-257. We were lucky enough to meet a generous man who was a former crew member on the YO-257 who shared valuable and interesting stories about the big YO-257 ship before she was sank and while she was in service.

Most people who have the opportunity to see the YO-257 in her current resting place seldom get the real story or get a fabricated one. Sure the we have the idea of her size, but did you know what missions the YO-257 undertook? What about where she sailed to? Most people haven't a clue that the YO-257 sailed into exotic tropical paradises like Yap or Guam. But this was her main area of operation.   

The YO-257


Situated a mile south west of Diamondhead landmark and 3/4 of a mile off of Oahu's famous beach Waikiki beach, the YO-257 sits in her final resting location. Scuba diving in Hawaii wouldn't be the same unless you scuba dive on the Oahu shipwreck YO-257 Hawaii shipwreck scuba diving. The YO-257 is a beautiful shipwreck located off of Oahu; situated just slightly west of Diamond, south west of Waikiki about 1.5 miles out. The YO-257 shipwreck of Oahu is an advanced scuba diving location that is both challenging and very fun. Feel free to browse this page dedicated to the YO-257 shipwreck.

Interested in scuba diving the YO-257?

Scuba dive the Yo-257 Shipwreck in Oahu

The Yo-257 shipwreck scuba dive is available 7 days a week depending on local weather and surf condtions. The best times for this fantastic Oahu scuba dive is in the early morning when the winds are light and currents may not so strong. Due to its location just off of Diamond Head State Park the Yo-257 shipwreck can sometimes have strong currents thus making this Hawaii scuba dive Oahu's top 5 advanced scuba dives. For any experienced or advanced scuba diver the YO-257 should throw you an exciting shipwreck dive in Hawaii experience without the long boat commute that is associated with wreck diving in general.

Yo-257 Wreck Dive in Hawaii

Scuba diving the Yo-257 shipwreck of Hawaii, advanced scuba diving here in Honolulu. The Yo-257 shipwreck scuba dive is located off the island of Oahu on the south shore side. This wreck dive of Honolulu is an advanced dive. Therefore it is important that you're properly certified with recent deep diving experience.